Thu 30 Jan 2014

OFFER: 10% Discount for Shutter Hub Members for ‘A Trip to The Moon’ Photography Workshop

Good ol' Francois over at Simulacra Studios, he's a generous chap and here is the second special offer he has given to Shutter Hub members. All you need to do to get 10% off this exciting (and frankly, quite weird - we like that!) photography workshop is showt them your Shutter Hub portfolio. Job done! Then you can pop on down on the 23rd February and have a lovely time! Over to you, Francois...

This time we're celebrating the work of French Film Maker Georges Méliès, one of the first film makers to use special effects, multiple exposures and time lapse photography in cinema. Our models will be oddly attired travelers embarking on a miraculous but impossible journey, with an in house hot air balloon and a reconstruction of Méliès famous Moon-face as we stage our take on A Trip To The Moon (1902), one of the most surreal voyages on film. This workshop will have costume at it's very centre, a little bit Steam Punk meets Baron Munchausen meets Mad Max, with masques borrowed from We also want to show you a trick to make any digital photo look like it's come from a bygone era, with a little Simulacra 'behind the curtain' secret. As usual time slots will be one hour, exclusively for each photographer, shooting two sets, one Air Balloonist and one Moon Landing. I hope to see you there!

For further details, or to book a place,visit the Simulacra Studios blog

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