Thu 18 Feb 2016

Great Interactions: Photographs by Polly Braden, National Media Museum

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Jay, Milton Keynes Sports Centre. Polly Braden,

"Mikey needs this kind of support: he needs to be around people who know and understand him, who are willing to go a step further and discover the bright and amazing person he is." – Raul, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

There are around 1.5 million people in the UK with a learning disability and 700,000 with autism. Photographer Polly Braden has spent the past two years working with some of those supported by the charity MacIntyre, capturing everyday moments, achievements and milestones. The subject is complex but the aim is simple: to highlight everyday interactions and life-changing experiences.

Polly's photographs show the barriers faced in simply trying to have fair opportunities in life, but they are also inspiring. They are filled with moments that would have once seemed difficult – from finding employment and using public transport to gaining a measure of independence, graduating from high school and getting married.


This exhibition will run from February 27th – 10th April 2016 at the National Media Museum, Gallery Two.  Free Entry.  You can find more information out here. 


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