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Hello and welcome to our June Newsletter!

This month, local photo monitors give us a unique insight into extreme weather conditions in Ethiopia as part of PhotoVoice's BRACED project, we interview World Press photographer Stuart Freedman, photographer Sara Furlanetto writes for PhotoVoice on her collaborative project with refugees, PhotoVoice meets UN Director General Michael Møller to discuss constructive journalism and Yael Martínez explores themes of grief and loss after his brothers-in-law went missing in Iguala, Mexico.

Also, members should soon receive the new Photo Voices magazine, sharing a number of exciting projects which ensure that the voices of underrepresented communities are heard. In addition to other exciting discounts and opportunities, Photo Voices is free to all PhotoVoice members. 

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In the Adegalchat community in Ethiopia, local photo monitors are documenting extreme weather conditions and traditional forecasting methods. Recently-returned Projects Manager Kate Watson comes home from the ‘BRACED’ project with a set of stunning photographs and a project update. 

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Ten Questions with… Stuart Freedman

We ask the acclaimed World Press photographer if photography can bring about positive social change and about the ethical issues involved. 

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Let me tell you who I am 

Is the media fuelling fear and hate towards refugees? Sara Furlanetto writes for PhotoVoice about her collaborative project with refugees which aims to shape a new visual vocabulary and challenge misconceptions.   

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PhotoVoice Joins Advisory Panel on Constructive Journalism

Many of us in the charity sector are faced with the dilemma of how to get a good story into the news. PhotoVoice is delighted to be joining Constructive Voices, an initiative run by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which aims to share positive news stories by linking journalists with stories from the voluntary sector. PhotoVoice met with the UN Director General Michael Møller and some of the UK’s biggest media outlets to discuss the whys and wherefores.  

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The House that Bleeds 

After his brother died in prison and two other family members disappeared in Iguala, Mexico, Yael Martínez turned to photography. The violence fuelled by the drug trade in Mexico has caused many “disappearances”. Through his photography, Yael looks to capture the psychological and emotional breakdown caused by the loss of family members. 

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Support PhotoVoice at PhotoShelter Lemonade Stand

PhotoShelter, which provides tools and customisable website templates for photographers is raising money for PhotoVoice at LOOK3 photography festival. 

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Training Places Still Available

There are still places on our July and September training programmes. The 3-day course is a must for anyone wanting an introduction to understanding, designing, managing and facilitating a participatory photography project.

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Feature Image: 'Yesterday the community held a meeting with the local administration officer from the government to discuss the options for a new water source that HUNDEE will support us to build. There was the options of a pond or a cistern and the decision was taken by the community to build a cistern firstly as this will provide clean drinking water for human consumption, not only our livestock. Collectively we decided on the location for the the cistern in a low area where water comes down from the mountains. It is a central location which serves all of the villages in our cluster and is only 30 minutes walk from my own village. We will communicate these decisions to HUNDEE and hope that construction can begin soon. Since the new cistern is near to my village, I will contribute my labor to its construction with all my strength. I will use my photovoice skills to record the construction process, feeding back to HUNDEE to ensure it runs smoothly and using the photographs to encourage others to contribute their part to the labor. This is how it will be constructed, 50% financial/resource support from HUNDEE and 50% community contribution in manual labor etc.’ © Jaro Barako Kanchora 2016 | PhotoVoice | Christian Aid | 'BRACED' | Ethiopia

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