180 Amsterdammers - a Celebration of Diversity

When we came across the 180 Amsterdammers project recently, we knew we needed to share it. It’s a brilliant project all about openness, inclusiveness and diversity, documenting the huge diversity of people living within Amsterdam, sharing photographs and stories of people of 180 different nationalities.



Cris from Chile came to Amsterdam to study when he was twenty, and is now a world-renowned photographer.



Conchita moved to Amsterdam a year ago to study for a masters. She loves the outdoors and misses the mountains of Lesotho, but immediately felt at home in Amsterdam.



Kay moved to Amsterdam in 2002 – and now gets homesick for the canals and bikes of Amsterdam when he returns to Laos (even missing the cold weather!)



Ebtesam misses the warm weather in Kuwait, but loves the Amsterdam canals.



Monan fled civil war in Ivory Coast 6 years ago, and has fallen in love with Amsterdam’s sense of community and freedom.


Amsterdam has a long history of openness, tolerance and welcoming people from all over the world. Author, historian and journalist, Russell Shorto, wrote his observations for the project, noting that “One thing that sets Amsterdam's diversity apart is its antiquity. Maybe it's stretching things to say that Amsterdam invented diversity, but it is certainly the case that Amsterdam's growth – its rise to Golden Age greatness – had precisely to do with its diversity.” 

The 180 Amsterdammers homepage asks the question “With over 180 nationalities, Amsterdam is scoring high marks on diversity. Is that something to be proud of?” The answer is a resounding yes. Along with some great photography and fascinating stories, the project really highlights the city’s open, welcoming and inclusive spirit – all of which are values to be celebrated.

To see the photos of all 180 participants, and read their stories, visit the 180 Amsterdammers website.

All images © Michiel van Nieuwkerk / 180 Amsterdammers

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